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Make offer, I am ready to move these. Some can even be free, just pay shipping.
If you know anyone who might be interested please tell them about this page.

HD-15 patch rear viewHD-15 patch

Heathkit HD-15 phone patch interface (intended for hams) that looks good
but needs a new Tx potentiometer and dual phono jack. Free plus shipping, estimated $11-16.

A very nice Shure M68FCA mixer, no known problems. Similar units on eBay for $200, I will accept less.

barcode reader labelline conditioner

An IBM 53701P10B4 bar code reader that almost certainly works (I can't test it). Free plus shipping.
A Topaz Line2 power line conditioner, repaired. This is a massive transformer (45 pounds) with 4 taps selected by triacs. If the power line gets too low it selects a higher tap. I'm not sure if line-too-high selects a reducing tap. Two paths had blown .05 ohm 5 watt resistors (i.e., burn at 10 amps) so I replaced those with 10A AGC fuses in clips. They survived simple testing using a variac, so I assume it's good to go. I don't need much for it but the shipping could be a killer. Inquire.


Kenwood battery adapters for Act! iCharge battery charger and analyser:
fits battery for TK260, 270 and 290 (and others). One for NiMH and one for NiCad. $18 the pair or $10 each.

More stuff. Make any reasonable offer. Cost of shipping will be added.

cable organizer for 19 inch rackheadsetsPolaroid 450 kit