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Stan-the-Man Pro Radio Service (a.k.a. "STM Radio") provides service and sales for business and public safety radio users in Marion, Winston, and part of Franklin counties in Alabama, and for internet customers who ship radios to me for repair. I have considerable experience working on radios too old for factory support, so I can often repair problems that other shops send off to the factory or junk out. This means I can often get a unit back in service the same day, and for less cost.

I specialize in repairing the Motorola SP50 and CP200 family. Both are excellent-performing radios, but they have some significant weaknesses: the accessory jack, volume control, and antenna base are affixed only by solder, so they tend to break loose. I repair both models by the boxful, with a same-day turnaround on these common issues. Contact me before sending anything.

Please note that wideband SP50's CAN be narrow-banded, on the Tx side only. The software has that option, so if you have SP50's you liked but had to set aside to go narrow, consider sending them here for reprogramming. ($20 for one, $12 each for 2+) The receiver will still be wide, but if you have no adjacent traffic, that will not matter. I adjust the deviation to 2.5k, the PL to 250 Hz, and the mike sensitivity to +3 or +6, and check for compliance. Of course I will repair any other issues possible (add time and materials, but I am very reasonable; I limit SP50's to $59 unless you give permission to go higher). Most of the repair parts are no longer available. Case parts, controls and speakers can be robbed from radios that failed for other reasons. (I have a very limited supply thereof; if you have any, you might want to send them alongside those needing repair. I can return anything I don't use for your repair.) Do expect this service to end someday soon. (Both my Windows 95 laptops failed in 2021, and under XP the SP50 software takes literally a full minute for each of 5 steps communicating with the radio. In native DOS under 95 or 98 the same serial communication takes 2 seconds per step.)

Other stuff for sale

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Two C30 Antenex low band antennas. Uncut, will do 29mHz, maximum cut is 35 mHz. List price is currently more than $71, I will sell these for $33 each plus shipping (estimated at about $12 for both, not much less for one).

A "silence alarm" in a 5"x5"x3" desktop box. It takes balanced line input and if it does not detect audio for the interval set (variable from 5 to 50 seconds) then a sonalert is activated. Press a button to silence it; if audio is restored, it begins monitoring again. The module inside has two SPDT outputs. Input level can be set also. Make an offer.

Or the last few years I have been putting a few things on eBay also, and may eventually put the items above there too

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TK2360 preliminary 128 chan/zone, 8-char display Lithium 16 chan priority scan Lithium 32 chan 6.25k Nexedge digital Lithium NX-1200 and NX-1300 Minitor VI
Motorola Minitor VI pager:
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Basic Maxon VHF walkie
TK7302 16 channel TK7360 mobile with per-channel scramble codes
I also sell and service some Maxon (formerly TecNet) radios.
The TP-5116 is a basic inexpensive walkie if that is all you need.
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Maxon Authorized Sales and Service
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For even more detail on current radios, visit the Kenwood Site.

Contact for pricing, setup, delivery, and install.
Or phone: Shop 205-486-3119, Cell 205-269-6195.

If you have received an invoice you can click the button below and pay with Paypal or a credit card. Due to their fees please add 3.5% to the total if paying this way. (For example a bill for $100 becomes $103.50.) You can also phone me with your card info, but with the link below I never see any of that. The popout on the right offering PayPal credit terms is also just between you and them. I will get the amount you type in, less their fees, and you will pay them over time with their interest charges added. (It only appears once, so if you don't see it, just click below and I'm sure they will try to offer it again.)

Also, I am not set up to charge sales tax for customers outside Alabama; you will need to keep track of that for yourself, if you are not exempt from sales tax.

Here are links to other things I have designed and built:
A basic multi-radio dispatch controller
An adjustable circuit breaker for workbench

About us: Stan-the-Man Pro Radio Service was established July 2005 by Stan Jones of Haleyville Alabama, after 21 years of service at a Motorola dealership, which closed when the owner retired. I began as a bench tech for a Motorola shop in 1984 and have repaired 1960's models Motracs (hybrid tube/transistor technology) and HT220's. The newest radios are not really meant to be repaired at the component level, but they still need maintenance for case damage, knobs, controls, jacks, speakers, batteries, and antennas. There is some on-board repair that is still practical.

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